Self Balancing Scooter
with Bluetooth Speakers

Move around in a fun & enjoyable way

Meet your new best friend.

Lightweight yet sturdy build-quality

With a weight of just 13 kgs and a maximum load of 100 kgs, these hoverboards are of superior quality.

Clean and well-finished design

Those other 6-inch hoverboards don't come anywhere close to this. You'll just stand-out (quite literally) in every way.


Available in 5 Exciting Colors

Choose your favorite color to hop on and move like you've never done before

  • self balancing scooter carry bag
  • Blue Color
  • Remote Key
8-inch Wheels with LED Lights

The size of the wheels help in using it outdoors. Apart from this, a bigger wheel-size ensures more stability.

Samsung's Lithium-ion Battery

The best battery that is long-lasting and never explodes like other cheap knock-offs.

Bluetooth Speakers

Connect to your smartphone to listen to your favorite music while on the move.

Free Carry Bag & Remote Key

Use the remote key to lock your scooter and the carry bag to carry it around.

Technology at its Best

A brilliant piece of technology that has become popular all around the world. Hoverboards or self balancing scooters may become instrumental in changing the way we move around.

Mini Segway

Although, Segways / Self balancing scooters have already existed for years now, these new hoverboards offer the same concept in a small package, allowing you to move forwards as well as backwards with ease.

How it Works

When you lean forward, the tilt sensors sends this information to the gyroscopes, and this is then sent to the main logic board. Depending on your lean angle, the logic board decides the RPM of the wheels, so as to always maintain your center of gravity. In short, the more you lean, the faster you move.

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So what are you waiting for? Choose the color of your choice and let's start moving, FAST!

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